Microsoft Outlook Integration ITOL

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.0.0 - 8.16.1, Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.0.0 - 8.16.1 and more
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ITOL seamlessly integrates Jira as a task pane in Outlook

Convert Mail to Issue

Click Assign button to prepare a new issue based on the selected mail. The mail body is converted into JIRA markup and previewed including thumbnails. Mail attachments are added as issue attachments.

Edit Issue Properies

Edit built-in and custom properties, link issues, update time tracking. Select the next transition to forward to.

Add Attachments

Add attachments from clipboard, via drag & drop, from Windows recent file list, or by selecting a file on the file system. Export attachments into a local file system directory, e.g. for investigation into log files.

More details

ITOL allows to create an issue from a mail with a few clicks.

Since it seamlessly integrates with the Outlook user interface, ITOL lets you feel like working in a single program instead of jumping back and forth between two different worlds.

More features:

  • Create, update and view issues. Create subtasks of issues.
  • Scan mail subject for issue ID and load the issue into the add-in.
  • For a new issue, scan mail subject for project name.
  • For an existing issue, copy mail body into a new comment.
  • Show history of issue comments and worklog.
  • Insert the issue ID into the mail subject.
  • Store the mail sender address into a custom field and prepare reply on change.
  • Add the original mail as MSG, RTF or plain text.
  • Change issue status.
  • (!) Enables drag & drop of from Outlook to JIRA web dialogs by integrated DDAddin.

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