Email Digest: Management of Jira Emails Notifications

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for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 9.16.1, Jira Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.16.1 and more
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Group Jira email notifications and send them as a personal digest at a scheduled period to reduce time spent on emails

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All Jira Updates in a Single Digest Email

Dozens of Jira email notifications replaced with one digest email.

Get customized digest email with the updates specifically for you.

Email Notification Digest will group notifications by issues in a chronological order.

Custom Email Digest Schedule of Jira Notifications

Adjust frequency, events and time of the email that will be suitable for everyone

Turn on/off Instant Jira Updates, Issue Digest or Summary Digest emails per user

Choose between default Jira email notification or digest.

Reduce Jira Emails w/o any Special Configurations

Works out of the box with the default configuration.

The plugin does not require technical skills to configure notification schemes.

The system will automatically let you know if Jira email server is misconfigured.

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This Jira add-on intelligently aggregates Jira notifications and sends them as a single email digest at a scheduled date/time or after delay.


Most likely, you have already experienced that huge pile of email notifications Jira sends you every day.

Use Email Notifications Digest add-on for Jira to filter and group them into a single email digest with all important Jira issue updates.

It intelligently groups all the changes made by your colleagues first, and sends you a single email digest like a news feed.

Not only it collects the changes, but it groups changes by Jira issues no matter when an update happened.

So, you can quickly read everything of what happened to Jira issues over night or during the day.

There is a set of individual filters so each person can configure which events to receive in a digest and which updates to omit (like spam "Log Work" time updates for timesheets).

Start a free trial above and save time from reading emails!


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