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Creating GitHub branches from Jira

Streamline the process of creating and viewing GitHub branches directly from a Jira issue, saving you time and effort. Designed with security in mind.

  • add the GitHub App to your account or organization:
  • select which repositories you want to create branches in
  • create and view branches in a Jira ticket.

By default, this plugin will create a branch with the full issue key, eg. 'SENG-1234', off the main branch. Optionally, this can support:

  • the GitFlow pattern creating a branch off of `develop`, such as 'feature/SENG-1234',
  • setting a custom branch name, e.g. 'SENG-1234/my-fav-branch', and
  • creating a branch of a branch set in a Repository config file.

Installation and configuration docs on GitHub

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