Uni-field for Jira

for Jira Server 7.6.0 - 7.6.17 and more
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Uni-field for Jira provides universal project specific fields set

Shorten Custom fields amount

Uni-filed plugin allows to reduce amount of Jira custom fields by replacing bunch of fields with itself.

Scalable & elastic Custom field

Use versatile data type for custom field. This can be a string or the drop-down list of the type or combinations thereof in any order and quantity.

Define Custom field independently from Jira admin

Project admin can easy create field and manage its configuration in current project.

More details

This plugin provides new configurable custom field based on multiple value field type which has unique settings for each project and issuetype. Field value represents a sub-field or it’s collection that can be one of one-string, dropdown select list, multiselect dropdown list type. Name of sub-field, field type, it’s order and options (for select lists) can be managed by project administrator (For standard Jira custom field this operation requires global Jira administrator access).

For global Jira administrator it provides option to select projects that can use plugin in their projects. It hides Uni-field configuration link in project administration tab for unselected projects. However, users can see already configured field until Jira administrator removed custom field from project screens.

For project administrator it provides tools for Import/Export configurations in xml format.

Jira search by “subfield name:value” in free-text format is supported.

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