Keysight Admin Tools for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 4.9.0 - 8.19.6 and more
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Stuff that should be there by default, but isn't

REST Interface to trigger user directory sync

By Visiting http://<bitbucket-rest-url>/rest/bitbucket-support/1.0/directory/sync, a sync of the external user directories is started.

REST Service Shows Directory Status

The Rest service will return a summary of all the configured directories and their current sync status.

Free Open Source Software

The source code is publicly available on Bitbucket

More details

Keysight has decided to publicly release the plugins developed in-house to support our instance of Bitbucket. The source code for the plugins is available under an Apache 2 license from

The Bitbucket Support plugin are various tools to help administrators support Bitbucket. At presently, the only bit of functionality in this plugin is a rest interface used to trigger a sync of external user directories. This is helpful a an automated tool can be setup to granting permissions through a remote directory then inform bitbucket via the rest interface to sync up.

Visit /rest/bitbucket-support/1.0/directory/sync to trigger the sync.

Privacy and security

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