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Various Macro to include content into your page

Shared Blocks

Similar to the excerpt macro with some enhancements such as being able to have multiple shared blocks on a page.

FAQ Macro and Blueprint

Create and manage a FAQ quickly and easily from a set of pages.

Free Open Source Software

The source code for the plugin is publicly hosted on Bitbucket at

More details

Keysight has decided to publicly release the plugins developed in-house to support our instance of Confluence. The source code for the plugins is available under an Apache 2 license from

The include content plugin provides a number of macros useful for including content from someplace else into the current page. First, there is an Include Page With Replacement macro. That macro is very similar to the standard Include Page macro - except it allows for word substitution with rules provided in the body of the macro. There is also a Shared Block to identify one or more block on a page that can be shared which is paired with the Include Shared Block and Include Shared Block with Replacement macros. There is a macro to include code from a url.

Every Keysight macro provides built-in documentation by clicking on the Documentation link in the macro properties editor.

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