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for Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 8.8.1, Confluence Data Center 7.0.1 - 8.8.1 and more
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Sharing knowledge and connecting people through questions and answers

Search, filter and sort the questions

Easy to find the information that you need by searching, filtering, and sorting by question title, content, tag, space ...

Ask, answer, vote or share

Ask question when you need, share your knowledge by answering questions, vote for best questions or answers, share questions/answers with friends

Questions & answers for team

Questions & answers can be available for everyone or restricted to spaces, only users who can see spaces can see questions & answers in these spaces

More details

Questions & Answers is an add-on allow to build a Q&A platform to share knowledge and connect people:

  • Users can ask or answer questions if they have permission
  • The best answers are voted up and rise to the top
  • Questions organized and discoverable by tags
  • Questions are asked in spaces so only users of spaces can view them
  • Users can share questions or answers with other users
  • Moderators can close questions
  • Questions and answers are searchable with the Confluence search
  • Enable Questions & Answers for all or selected spaces of Confluence
  • Import questions & answers from Questions for Confluence plugin, Answer Hub (Read more)
  • Used by: TX Logistik AG, Centene Corporation, Coca Cola, Technology Nexus Secured Business Solutions, Qualcomm, Volkswagen, IntelliSurvey, Primeur Italy, FiveDegrees Solutions BV, European Bank for Financial Services GmbH, Timaru District Council, Veritas, Keysight Technologies, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Deutsche Messe, ...
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