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Leaderboards that Gamify Jira activities to increase team engagement and productivity

Dev Recognition Against Targets And Sprints

Spinify maginifies dev progress towards their targets. With 100's themes and designs keep the team engaged we ensure the stats the team need to stay motivated are available in an easy to view interface.

Data Transparency To Celebrate Success

Provide feedback for the team. Use Leaderboards, Goals and Achievements to give greater company awareness of how the team contribute to success.

Customizable Competition To Fit Your Goals

Setup leaderboards in minutes. Once connected you have full control over the competition and can tailor it to your desired business outcomes. Using standard and custom fields you have full control over the goals!

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Making Data Visible + Recognize Rep Performance

Want to motivate your team and increase their performance? Need a better way to recognition team members and help the grow? With Spinify you can create your own customizable competitions. Super easy to setup and achieve rapid growth instantly.

  • Increase performance with real-time competitions syncing data from Jira
  • Motivate your team with instant recognition and productivity gains.
  • Spinify is built to motivate staff to do more of the activities that matter to your business results.

Delight Team members

Imagine an issue is just completed in your company, the reps photo is shown instantly on all your office TVs, their favorite YouTube song plays loud. Everyone pauses and celebrates. Instant satisfaction, recognition and celebration!

Key Features:

  • Personalized Competitions and Celebrations
  • Player prediction on progress bars
  • Full Gamification, points, tiers, badges

Checkout spinify.com for more info on how our leaderboards will help your team.

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