Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform

for Bamboo Server 5.15.0 - 8.2.3 and more
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Vulnerability scanner for container images

Vulnerability Management

Aqua scans container images and serverless functions for known vulnerabilities, embedded secrets, configuration and permission issues, malware and open-source licensing.

Runtime Protection

Aqua prevents untrusted images from running, and ensures that containers remain immutable, preventing any changes to running containers compared with their originating images.

Secrets Management

Aqua securely delivers secrets to containers at runtime, encrypted in transit and at rest, loading them in memory with no persistence on disk, where they are only visible to the container that needs them.

More details

Aqua’s container security solution was architected specifically to address the challenges of visibility, control, isolation, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention in container environments, while remaining transparent and non-intrusive to DevOps, allowing organizations to reap the business benefits of containers without increasing their risk profile.

Atlassian Bamboo users can integrate with Aqua’s continuous image assurance, which is the most comprehensive, automated solution on the market for scanning and locking down container images, with deep scanning of container layers for vulnerabilities, and persistent controls to assure image integrity throughout its lifecycle.

Privacy and security

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