Connect Jira projects to your Slack channels so the whole team has one conversation

Connect Jira projects to your Slack channels so the whole team has one conversation

Keep your team in sync with Jira updates in Slack

Connect Jira projects to your channels in seconds

Helpful issue previews, right in your channel

Get notified when issues get created, updated, transitioned, commented on, and more. Filter by issue type and priority so your team only sees what actually matters in your channel.

Simply tell @jirabot the URL of your Jira site to link your Slack channel – no configuration necessary.

Mention a Jira issue from a linked project in your Slack channel, and @jirabot will automatically provide a helpful summary, so your team can stay focused on the conversation at hand.

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Teamwork can be challenging, especially with multiple projects, an overabundance of information and distributed team members. Use Slack for Jira Cloud to remove the constant hunt through documents and emails to get what you need when you need it.

  • Rich notifications in your Slack channel that, when clicked, provides the key information you need to act
  • Powerful filtering to selected channels, projects, issue types and priorities to cut out the clutter
  • Slash commands to connect and subscribe to Jira events, manage your Jira connections and subscriptions, or get information about a specific issue.
  • Easy set up with the Jira bot to get up and running fast
  • Attach Slack messages to Jira Cloud issues, allowing you to create connections with conversations, and view them directly within Jira Cloud

The best software teams ship early and often. With Slack for Jira Cloud, it's easy to stay in sync, focus on the task, and get the right people on the job.

Reviews for cloud

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by James Lashmar on 2018-05-11
This does NOT work with the new 'Agile' style boards! It could have increased functionality like the JIRA 'Slack Connector' addon - considering how much JIRA costs, we shouldn't have to pay for a functional third party tool that is actually better than Atlassians native offering.
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by Jasper Green on 2018-04-23
This version only goes so far, with slack notifications for when issues get created, updated, transitioned, or commented on. The latest release was 2017-03-28, over a year ago. What is the plan for this add-in as with development it could do much more?
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by Roger Hu on 2018-03-08
The only JIRA boards are unfurled in a channel are the ones that you've explicitly set notifications for... it would be better if it would unfurl/preview any JIRA ticket.
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by Dan Voyce on 2018-02-23
Would be great if there was a way to mute the bot when you are the admin who has assigned it to a channel, seems there is no way to avoid getting a personal message each time an issue is created which just creates more noise in JIRA
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by Kirill Ilinich on 2018-02-20
It's only half of what you really need. You can't receive personal notification when issue assigned to you or watching issue updated. Team notification only. It can't use slack threads neither. That's sad.
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Reviews for server

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by Chris Sonn on 2017-09-08
Love the idea of Slack become a place where we can at a glance see progress at a project level. My main issue is that I'd like to connect an Epic within a project to a slack channel. If someone makes an update to task within Epic 1, then notify Slack channel 1. Is this is the pipeline or is my only option to take my epics to projects (one level up) ?
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by Olivier Modica on 2017-07-16
Generally this is a pretty nice integration, however one issue that we've found is that if you have notifications turned on for transitions (e.g. when an issue is closed) it will only send the notification to Slack if you close the issue without writing a comment. In other words if you close an issue (I expect the same is true for other transitions) and add a comment as part of the same workflow transition then close notification will not be sent to Slack.
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Thanks for reporting this, Oliver. We've fixed this issue.

by Gerard Cattin on 2017-06-13
The #Jirabot is very useful to receive your Jira notification and tailor the level of information you need. It has two shortcomings/requests: 1. Take Jira action in slack: It is not very useful to act on the card. You have to use the notification link, which takes you back to Jira. You are not able to add a comment, re-assign the issue to somebody else, or change the status, etc. When a Jira issue card is assigned to me, I would like to respond right from the /jirabot notification channel, thus take the next action that is required without leaving the /jirabot channel. 2. Use Jira in slack conversation. You cannot use Jira issues in slack conversation. I tried /jira vpng-18000 to discuss issues with others but that is not supported. Those conversations have to take place in emails, or in Jira. It needs a deeper integration with slack. 3. I would also love to be able to configure which notifications come thru to my slack (usually, less important is turned off). That would be very useful when using smaller form factors (smartphone, iPads) during off hours or remote days.
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Thanks for your review, Gerard. We're working to make @jirabot better. Re: #2 above... assuming @jirabot is inside your channel, you should be able to just mention the issue key (i.e., ISSUE-123) and @jirabot will provide a preview of that issue inside of your channel. /jira ISSUE-123 will also work, but the response will only be visible by the person who typed that command. As for #3... you can configure what events in JIRA your channel receives. Type `/jira manage` to update your subscription settings. You can read more about how to manage the configuration of your notifications here:

by Charles Baakel on 2017-05-24
Works, but would be best if we could do a filter for issues related to an individual user. My team want a feed that is unique to each of them, and this does not allow for that, it's full firehose or bust.
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by Pheng Seang on 2017-05-16
Not sure why this is a low star rating but this does the job. Would like integration to post from Slack referencing JIRA ticket to the comments section of the JIRA ticket. If that is possible, then four stars!
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Thanks for the suggestion, Pheng.


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Jira Cloud Released 2017-03-28


This is the initial release of the Jira Cloud app for Slack


The 1.0 release of Jira Cloud for Slack allows you to easily set up detailed notifications for your Slack team by following simple instructions from @jirabot. Filter notifications by issue type, priority, and event, or get instant issue previews any time an issue is mentioned in your channel.


  • Click the "Add to Slack" button. Choose your Slack team and sign in if necessary, then click the button to authorize the app.
  • @jirabot will send you a message in Slack to help you get started!

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