CMMN Modeler

for Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 8.6.2 and more
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Modeling CMMN 1.1 diagrams made easy – extend your flexibility with CMMN diagrams on your Confluence pages

Create and share CMMN diagrams across your company

CMMN diagrams will be stored as versioned attachments and can be exported as CMMN (XML) and as image (SVG).

Use a full-featured modeling tool within your wiki

Drag and drop elements onto the canvas to create CMMN-compliant diagrams - without the need to install additional software.

Place CMMN diagrams on any page at any position

Bring together diagrams and textual information - e.g. to enrich your case model by context information such as the owner or referenced documents.

More details

  • With the CMMN Modeler you can easily create and edit CMMN diagrams on your WIKI pages and combine them with everything else you have in Confluence.
  • Instead of starting from scratch you can also import CMMN 1.1 standard-compliant models from other tools. From there on you can make changes to the diagrams directly on your pages. You can export your diagrams as .cmmn or .svg files.
  • Any saved changes are stored in versioned increments. No update to your diagram is lost or overwritten.
  • Decide who can see or edit you process models.
  • Combine with BPMN models and with DMN rules using the BPMN and DMN Modeler.
  • This add-on is free, if you have got any feedback or suggestions do not hesitate to get in touch!

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