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Schedule the date and time for adding and removing labels to pages, blog posts and attachments

Schedule your labels in Confluence

Have your label published automatically at a pre-defined date and time, even when you're not at your desk. Prepare your labels when they should be added or removed.

Use Case: Automated labeling of attachments

Define today that a logo needs to be updated at a specific day. Name the label as you like and define the publishing date and time.

Use Case: Dynamic "Top News"

Label a blog post as "Top News" from next Monday to next Friday. Open the Label Dialog and define the time period the "Top News" - label should be attached to your blog post.

More details

The Label Scheduler app gives you the freedom to categorize a Confluence page, blog post or attachment. Set the date and time when your label should be added or removed to your content. Prepared labels can be edited and rescheduled, giving you maximum flexibility. This app frees you up from the worry of getting that content categorized on time!


  • add or remove labels to Confluence pages, blog posts or attachments at a set date and time
  • edit and re-schedule prepared labels
  • display all scheduled labels in one easy to read table

Use Cases

  • Mark a Confluence page as "Outdated" after 365 days
  • Label a blog post as "Top News" from next Monday to next Friday
  • Define that your product image needs to be updated with a new version in three months

Created for use in Confluence and can be used in combination with bitvoodoo ag’s Enterprise Theme

Is Label Scheduler for Confluence Data Center Compatible?

Yes, read more about it!

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