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Blueprints for Project Management Documentation

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Space Wizard

Create a space to manage your project by documenting your meetings, important decisions, open issues, and releases.

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Based on projectdoc

This blueprints add-on is based on projectdoc. You need to install the projectdoc Toolbox to use these blueprints with the projectdoc macros.

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Fork me on Bitbucket

Every team has different demands on their documentation. Therefore this add-on is available as an open source project on Bitbucket. Fork it to create your blueprints!

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More details

Free add-on with blueprints for the projectdoc Toolbox to manage projects in a lightweight manner.

Important: This free add-on requires

  • the commercial projectdoc Add-on
  • the free Core Doctypes Add-on The add-on provides a space blueprint and blueprints for

    For each document type there is also one or more type to organize documents and therefore enhance the navigatability of your space.

    We do not expect to meet all your requirements. Use it as a base to create your own! Fork it on Bitbucket! Be agile!

    Find more free doctypes for projectdoc!

    More about projectdoc? Get started!

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