ActionableAgile Analytics: Kanban / Agile Metrics, Forecasts

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Charts and simulations using flow metrics to help improve processes, become predictable, and provide accurate forecasts in a flash

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How Long Does It Take For Issues To Complete?

Using a Cycle Time Scatterplot, you can quickly determine how long it takes you to complete you work. This data will help you to forecast how long it will take you to complete future issues.

When Will Our Project Be Done?

With our powerful Monte Carlo Simulations, you can predict how long it will take you to complete all of the issues left in your project's backlog, how many issues you can get done by a given date, or both.

How can we become more predictable?

Focusing on the age of work while it is in progress is a surefire way to improve Cycle Times and predictability, improving your forecasts!

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