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Create a better content in Confluence. Create fast, live and dynamic pages from multiple sources: pages, excerpts, templates

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Smart Templates helps you to reuse your Confluence content from:

Pages (whole pages, parts and excerpts)

Templates (including variables)


Key features:


Combine and reuse

Combine and reuse dynamically the contents from different pages and spaces across Confluence


Live templates

Brings life to your templates and content. Smart Templates help you to avoid content duplication and reduce your time maintaining the documentation


Construct your pages from multiple sources

You can include any excerpt or panel or section or macro from other page or pages. And even from Confluence templates (supports variables)!


Supports page parameters through page properties

Templates support variables and a user can define those using Confluence page properties. Page properties can have dynamic values


Asynchronous loading

More responsive pages and page loading times - happier users!


Customisable to your needs.

See our website for more details. See our website for more details

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