Great SQL (DB Connector)

for Confluence Server 4.2.3 - 8.8.1 and more
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SQL results from Databases | On-demand refreshing | Persistant Results | Simple configuration

IMPORTANT - Enable Confluence HTML Macros !

Magage apps ->list all-> search "html"

Enable: Confluence HTML Macros -> html (html-xhtml) & html(html)


Persistent results

Refresh on-demand

Results visible in the Confluence search

Context query

Great SQL in Macro Browser


Auto – executing query always when page is loading

On-demand – executing query when click the button (persistant results)

Great SQL Configuration Page


Up to 30 Database different database connections

(When using Informix in the Database field enter: databaseName|informixServer )

More details


Great SQL provides external database connections to fetch data and visualize SQL results on Confluence pages.

Supports database engines: Oracle, Oracle Pluggable, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, Postgre, DB2, Derby, MongoDB, Sybase, Informix

Two refreshing modes:

  • Auto – query is executed always when the page is loading
  • On-demand – query is executed only when user click "refresh button". *In this mode table with results is save on the page and if database connection is not available the results will still visible.*In this mode results are visible from Confluence Search!

Contextual query - queries can be executed diffrently depending on Confluence Logged User.Use this expressions to enter contextuality:

  • #Confluence_logged_user_name#
  • #Confluence_logged_user_fullname#
  • #Confluence_logged_user_email#

Sample query with contextuality:

"select * from salary where user_name = #Confluence_logged_user_name#"

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