M.smoothWorkflow for Jira

for Jira Server 7.0.2 - 8.21.1 and more
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Many completly new workflow transition conditions, validators and post funct

Has Link Condition

Specify that at least on issue with the specified link type must be linked

Linked Issue In Status Condition

Define that all linked issues of the specified type need to be in one of the selected statuses.

New Conditions

Two New Conditions

More details

    • two new workflow transition conditions
      • Has Link Condition:
        • Checks that at least one linked issue with the specified link type exists
      • Linked Issue in Status Condition
        • Checks that all linked issues of a specified issue type are in one of the configured statuses
      • two new workflow transition validators
        • Required Field Validator
          • Validates that a field is set. If a Screen appears before the transition, it validates that the required field is set in the screen
        • Regex Validator
          • Validates the value of a field with an regular expression
      • one new workflow post function
        • Copy Field Value Post Function
          • Copies field values from a parent issue to its subissues on a transition
        • Append Worklog post function
          • Automatically adds a new worklog entry after a transition

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