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Reference Redmine issues in Bitbucket

When installing this addon in Bitbucket it registers:

  • A Bitbucket linker that makes Bitbucket turn references to issues using a specified regex turn into links to the issue in Redmine;
  • Bitbucket webhooks for pushes, commit comments, pull requests and pull request comments. These webhooks get handled in the Redmine plugin, creating a journal entry for the issue containing the commit message or comment and useful links and meta-data.

Since the linker and webhooks are registered using an addon they automatically work for all repositories of the user / team for whom the addon is installed.


  • Currently the regex is hardcoded (see Bitbucket bug #13642).
  • Currently only up to 5 commits per push are supported because of a limitation in Bitbucket's push webhook.

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Reference Redmine issues in Bitbucket commits and commit comments.