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    Approval functionality for Confluence with email notifications, approval expiry and search, macro and page approvals

    Approval functionality for Confluence with email notifications, approval expiry and search, macro and page approvals

    Approval functionality for Confluence with email notifications, approval expiry and search, macro and page approvals

    Page and section approvals

    Email notifications

    Customizable options

    It's easy to ask for approval on both entire pages and parts of a page in an easy and straightforward way with Approvals for Confluence.

    Setting up approvals is easy, with no complicated workflow setup!

    Notifications ensure that requested approvers know when they have pending actions to perform.

    Search and Dashboard pages make it easy to find pending approvals, those already actioned or approvals you have requested.

    Approvals for Confluence provides a rich set of features.

    Delegate configuration to Space Administrators to restrict who can ask for approval or disable features for a particular space.

    More details

    ➡ Overview

    Getting approval on a document doesn't have to be a difficult process - it can be easy and fast with the Approvals for Confluence (formerly Approval Macro for Confluence), simply adding an Approval to your page and selecting approvers will send notifications to those users with a direct link to the page to provide their feedback and approval.

    Many types of document require approval before they can be published or formally issued and Approvals for Confluence gives you a quick but rigorous way of gathering the approvals required for your document issuance process.

    The App provides two methods to ask for approval:

    • Page Approvals, shown in page byline
    • Section Approvals, shown inline with a macro

    ➡ Features

    • See pending approvals on the Confluence Dashboard
    • Search and filter approvals using the browser
    • Email notifications
    • Customisable by Space Administrators

    ➡ Coming Soon

    • Approvals for Confluence Server

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    Reviews for cloud

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    by Anete Vaivode on 2019-04-23
    Hi! There is problem now with Approval macro. If select Section approval, there is no Depreciated Approval Marco setup. New setup does not work.
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    Automation Consultants

    Hi Anete,

    We'd like to help to resolve this issue for you as quick as possible, but require more information.

    Please raise a ticket via our Service Desk to ensure the fastest possible resolution time.



    by Christine Romano on 2019-04-11
    Do you have a timeline or date for when the server version of Approvals for Confluence will be available? Really looking forward to using this functionality. Thanks
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    Automation Consultants

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your review!

    We're at the final stages of testing the server version. It includes lots of new features which we can't wait for you to try out!

    We expect this to be finished this week and released early next week.

    Kind regards,


    by Amy Basque on 2019-03-06
    Very happy with this. It has solved some major problems for us and the support is excellent. I think all the suggestions for additional features would be great and hope to see them in future versions.
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    Automation Consultants

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the kind words - we are continually improving the product and look forward to sharing the latest release with our users in the upcoming weeks - including features and interface refinements.

    We always love to hear any suggestions our users have on ways we can improve the product!


    by S Stack on 2019-01-23
    Please release a server version!
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    Automation Consultants

    Hi S Stack,

    Thanks for your review.

    We're actively developing the Server version of Approvals for Confluence which includes many exciting new features and we can't wait to bring this out to you!

    We are currently testing the release in preparation to launch the product very soon in the coming weeks.

    Kind regards,


    by Misty Miglorin on 2018-04-25
    UPDATE: Thanks for your reply, Himal! I did not notice the hover timestamp feature - I think it's awesome. I'll reach out regarding the rest. Thanks! Really like this app and want to use it, but I can only give 2 stars because of so much missing functionality. As part of this macro, I would want: 1) a timestamp in the table 2) ability to indicate in the table exactly what it is that's being approved. 3) ability to make approvers conditional (if Abe approved, then Ben no longer needs to approve). 4) more control and transparency into the email reminders or prompts that approvers are receiving. We don't want to spam our stakeholders and not even realize we're doing it. My org makes detailed product requirements documents which may require approval of several different concepts, lines of copy, designs, etc. Including a column for WHAT was approved (rather than the page in its entirety) would be extremely helpful!
    3 out of 3 found this review helpful
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    Automation Consultants

    Hi Misty,

    Thanks for your review, I'm glad you like the app. I would like to provide some suggestions that could perhaps be of help relating to your review:

    • The timestamp of when the approver approved can be checked by hovering over the status lozenge.
    • This relates to point number 2 and the last paragraph that you wrote, the title of the macro can be used to describe what the item to approve is. Multiple macros can be added on the same page with different titles to specify different items to be approved.
    • Relating to point number 3, would you be looking for, let's say, if one person approves then the rest does not need to? Or would you like more customisation that allows you to customise the condition for each specific person?
    • Relating to point number 4, we completely agree that the email feature needs to have more control, customisation and transparency.

    We are planning a new release and definitely would like to talk further about implementing these features as part of that. Please feel free to contact me on himal.gurung@automation-consultants.com to continue the discussion.



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