Codeship Basic

for Bitbucket Cloud
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Cloud-based Continuous Integration & Delivery

Step 1: Connect your Bitbucket Repository

Each commit to a Bitbucket repository (public and private) triggers a build on Codeship Basic.

Step 2: Configure your setup & test commands

For every build, Codeship Basic first runs your setup commands to create the CI environment and afterward execute the test commands in whatever order and sequence you want.

Step 3: Configure your deployment pipeline

Codeship Basic allows you to deploy to any hosting provider or server. Simply define which branch should be deployed where. You can use your own deployment scripts or utilize one of Codeship's deployment options.

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Works out of the box

Codeship Basic has a vast variety of CI dependencies already pre-installed and ready to go. Getting started only takes a few minutes. Simply connect your Codeship account to Bitbucket and we run your automated tests every time you push to your repository.

Quick, simple setup

The simple Web UI and Codeship Basic's click-to-set-up approach make getting started and connecting your repositories easy. Setting up testing environments and deployment targets, notification services, and other integrations only takes a few clicks.

Optimized hosted infrastructure

Don’t waste time and engineering resources to maintain your local CI server. Ship better code, faster and optimize your build, test, & deployment processes.

Development speed on scale

Set up parallel test pipelines and speed up your test suite. Push builds concurrently so your development teams don’t have to wait for builds to be run. Codeship's infrastructure automatically scales with your needs.

Privacy and security

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