Agile Sprint Goals + EazyBI integration

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.12.0 and more
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Create custom reports of the past Sprint Goals inside EazyBI app and add Agile Sprint Goals with WYSIWYG editor, attach files

Agile Sprint Goal and EazyBI integration

Create Agile Sprint Goal custom field and import it within EazyBI.

Display Sprint Goal in the Backlog & Active Sprint

Sprint Goal is being displayed both on the Backlog view and Active Sprint Board - this way whole team can always access and see it to keep ongoing focus on deliverables in the Sprint

Add Sprint Goals with WYSIWYG editor

With WYSIWYG editor the sprint goals can be highlighted and adjusted visually - this way Scrum Master or Product Owner can emphasize the important points within each goal

More details

Agile Sprint Goals for Jira Server extend it's functionality to allow you set up Development or any Non Technical Sprint goals in single place.

Sprint Goals can be highlighted by using WYSIWYG editor and their look and feel can be changed.

You can add attachments to specific sprint goal in order to provide your scrum team reference documents.

Key functionalities:

  • Set up Sprint Goals in Jira Server hosting
  • Keep Sprint Goals always open
  • Hide Sprint Goals in case you don't need to review them
  • Provide hyperlinks to internal or external pages
  • Highlight the most important goals within WYSIWYG editor
  • Keep Agile Sprint Goals both in the Backlog preview & Active Sprint board

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