Automation with AWS (Bamboo)

for Bamboo Server 7.0.1 - 9.4.4, Bamboo Data Center 8.0.0 - 9.6.2 and more
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Remote actions and conditions with Amazon Web Services – automate your DevOps workflows from Bamboo builds and deployments

Automate remote systems from builds & deployments

Run remote actions from Bamboo notifications and Bamboo tasks to notify and automate remote systems via workflow transitions like completed or failed builds. Inject contextual entity variables into the payload.

Implement remote actions and conditions with AWS

Invoke Lambda functions for serverless logic. Start Step Functions executions for distributed workflows. Publish SNS messages or Put EventBridge events to notify users (email/SMS) or trigger other services (SSM/SQS/...).

Integrate third-party services with polyglot code

Use languages such as C#, Go (Golang), Java, Node.js (JavaScript), Python to run serverless code with AWS Lambda and integrate services like Twilio, PagerDuty & OpsGenie, Statuspage &, Slack & Microsoft Teams.

More details

Automation with AWS provides remote actions and conditions so that you can notify and automate all the things from Bamboo builds and deployments.


Remote actions:

Use cases:

  • Notify users via mobile push, email, SMS
  • Approve manual build steps
  • Trigger automation and alerts via HTTPS, SQS
  • Provision/Operate IT resources
  • And many more ...

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