Agile Retrospectives for Confluence

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Run collaborative retrospective sessions and easily follow-up in Confluence

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Obtain Valuable Insights from the Team

Input ideas simultaneously to recap the sprint. No more taking turns to share ideas.The moderator makes sure everyone’s on the same page.

Say goodbye to groupthink!

Create Action Items in a Collaborative Environment

Vote to prioritize ideas worth discussing. Interactively assign action items to team members.

Collaborate in an environment that highlights the most important items to tackle and pinpoint the owner of each task.

Create & Assign Confluence Tasks for Follow-up.

Increased accountability: The team generates action items & assigns an owner. These can be converted into Confluence tasks or Jira issues* for an easier follow-up.

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Save your team's valuable time and increase the efficiency of your Agile Retrospectives sessions with our app for Confluence!

The team collaboratively inputs concepts to be discussed. Proceed to create groups and everybody votes for the most important topics. Create action items and turning them into Confluence tasks, holding team members accountable.

Four simple steps for collaborative Retrospectives:

  • Input ideas simultaneously to recap the sprint.
  • Create themes to group similar ideas together.
  • Vote to prioritize ideas worth discussing.
  • Create action items and assign a team member

Customize your Retrospective style:

  • Name the columns of your Retrospective
  • Define team member’s total number of votes
  • Set how many times you can vote for a single topic
  • Decide between the regular and Anonymous mode

Use the technique that works best for your team: Speedboat; 4 L’s; Mad, Sad, Glad; Start, Stop, Continue; or one of your own making with customizable number of columns.

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Customize the topics for your retrospective session. Define the topics for your Retrospective. Use the format that works best for your team & extract valuable feedback.