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for Bamboo Server 6.8.0 - 9.6.3 and more
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View SpotBugs/FindBugs results

View SpotBugs result for job

See detailed SpotBugs result directly at job-build view (note the filtering by directory, in this case)

View SpotBugs summary for plan

A SpotBugs summary is shown at plan-build view

SpotBugs report

See the development of your SpotBugs in a report line chart

More details

You can use this plugin for viewing results produced by SpotBugs or FindBugs.

This addon is part of Java basic metrics bundle.


  • SpotBugs summary at plan result level
  • SpotBugs summary at job result level
  • Powerful and detailed view for the SpotBugs result
  • Integration into Bamboo's report feature

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