LaTeX - Math macro for Jira Data Center and Server

for Jira Server 6.0 - 9.16.1, Jira Data Center 6.3 - 9.16.1 and more
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LaTeX for Math in Jira. LaTeX in summary/description/comment/fields. Install easily, LaTeX engine NOT required

Write LaTeX everywhere

Write LaTeX everywhere: summary, description, comment, custom fields.

Install easily

Just install the plugin in Jira. No external LaTeX software is required!

Write many complex LaTeX equations

Write complex LaTeX equations with many mathematical symbols.

More details

This plugin helps you write LaTeX everywhere: summary, description, comment, custom fields. The installation is straightforward without requiring external LaTeX software. The syntax is intuitive and easy to remember. See our documentation for the syntax.

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LaTeX Math for Jira

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