Iframes for Confluence

for Confluence Server 8.8.0 - 8.9.4, Confluence Data Center 8.8.0 - 8.9.4 and more
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Enrich your Confluence content. Use iframes to securely embed web pages, forms, videos, maps, charts, or custom HTML

Embed web pages into Confluence

Place a URL into the macro body and publish a page to display a website in Confluence. Control how the macro looks with rich customization settings.

Insert custom HTML code safely

Use the Secure HTML Macro and add any HTML code you need. Include videos, maps, charts, etc., by adding pre-made HTML code from the source page.

Keep your iframes secure

Enable or disable macros to meet your organizations needs. Control the security of macros using the Sandbox parameter. Blacklist or whitelist what can be embedded in the Iframe Macro.

More details

Safely embed a source URL or write custom HTML to include additional material in your Confluence pages. With Iframes for Confluence you can:

  • Embed secure iframes into your Confluence pages;
  • Insert external URLs to add webpages, documents, surveys, charts;
  • Use the Secure HTML macro to run your HTML code safely;
  • Attach videos, maps, charts, etc. by adding embedded code from the source page;
  • Set up frame dimensions using px, em, or %;
  • Apply Style, ID and Class attributes to your iframe;
  • Administrators can configure which sandbox restrictions are allowed in each macro type;
  • Administrators can Whitelist or Blacklist URLs, domains, or IP addresses which can be used in the Iframe macro.

Note: Secure HTML Macro does not work in Internet Explorer.

Check out our Markdown Macro app for Confluence Cloud that does something similar in the HTML Macro.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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Choose Iframe macro to paste webpages into your Confluence workspace. To insert custom HTML code or include videos/maps/etc. with embedded code, choose Secure HTML macro.

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