Encryption for Jira

for Jira Server 8.11.0 - 9.12.11, Jira Data Center 8.11.0 - 9.12.11 and more
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Enhance your Jira security by protecting your most sensitive fields and attachments

Encrypt all of your attachments in Jira

Protect your attachments (eg sensitive screenshots) from being viewed via the file system. All attachments in your Jira will be encrypted so that they can be accessed only via Jira and the permissions to go with it.

Encrypt custom fields

Using Encryption for Jira's encrypted custom fields (single or multi-line), you can encrypt sensitive data (eg salaries, client data, financial information, etc) that is stored in your Jira database.

Restrict attachments and custom field visibility

Manage permissions by restricting access from certain users or groups to view/edit custom fields and view/download attachments. Hide certain information (eg client data) while still making the issue available for sharing

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Why choose Encryption for Jira

  • Easy to configure so you can get started in seconds
  • Helps you comply with GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 2 and other regulations
  • World class customer support


  • Protect your corporate secrets in Jira at all times
  • Enhance Jira compliance and reduce the risk of data leaks and breaches within your company
  • Secure classified information such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Implement Jira encryption to securely protect content such as emails, tax information or credit card numbers
  • Jira Data Center compatible for larger enterprises


  • Encrypt Jira attachments
  • Encrypt Jira custom fields
  • Restrict attachments and custom field visibility in Jira
  • Show/hide text field information. Eg for protecting passwords.
  • Automatically encrypt attachments when importing issues from external systems (eg CSV, JSON, Bugzilla,etc)

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