Agile Estimate for Jira

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.2.0 - 8.25.2 and more
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Relative Estimation done right. Supports Scrum & Kanban boards, hours and Story Points. Aka Magic, Affinity, Swimlanes estimation

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Enhanced time estimates

Update Original and Remaining issue estimates easier and faster.

Statistics widget provides an instant and up-to-date summary of all estimates.

Scrum and Kanban boards support out of the box with zero configuration.

Configurable Kanban estimation types

Choose between Time Tracking and Story Points estimation type.

Enable or disable sub-tasks Time estimation.

You might need to add selected estimation field to issues edit screen to make estimations working properly.

Combined Points and Time estimates

Mixed estimation mode with Points for Stories and Hours for sub-tasks.

Estimation statistics summary for Points and Time Tracking on the estimation board toolbar.

Mixed estimation mode works in Scrum and Kanban boards.

More details

With Agile Estimate add-on your planning meetings become shorter and estimations more realistic.

Instead of opening each and every issue details just to put an estimate you can simply drag&drop estimation slider to change the estimate. When you move the estimation slider you also are also comparing size of the currently estimated story with already estimated stories. Comparing actual sizes always work better than numbers which represent those sizes. As a result your estimates get closer to reality due to such interactive process.

Let's say you have stories split onto technical tasks which contain essential details for estimation. On Agile Estimate panel those stories which have technical tasks are expandable.

Read documentation for more details, create a support ticket.

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