Elevator - Smart Issue Assignment

for Jira Server 9.7.0 - 9.16.1, Jira Data Center 9.7.0 - 9.16.1 and more
  • Jira Service Management

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Escalate issues to on-call teams. Intelligently distribute work to service teams. Awesome notifications and automation

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On-call Rosters & Escalation - Incident Management

Respond to incidents quickly. Communicate effectively.

Create flexible on-call rosters, ensure your issues can always be escalated to the right person.

Configure team shifts for complex on call schedules across the globe

Intelligent Workload Management for Service Teams

Increase the efficiency of your service teams.

Elevator for Jira will automatically assign issues to the correct team member based on workload.

Configure team shifts and set up a globe-spanning support structure.

Flexible Notifications & Automation

Everyone involved is notified of updates immediately via email, Slack and webhooks.

Automate Elevator for Jira through integration with Jira Service Desk or your custom Jira workflows

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Winner of Best Newcomer Add-on in Codegeist 2016!

Escalation for Incident Management

  • Flexible on-call rosters make finding the right person to deal with an incident easy.
  • Tiered on-call rosters with automated re-escalation ensure incidents are never missed

Intelligent Work Allocation for Teams

  • Optimise the allocation of work across your team
  • Evenly distribute work, or target work to a subset of the team.

Ready For the World

  • Define team shifts to support complex real-world team structures


  • Send per-roster notifications to teams via email groups, slack channels, or Hipchat groups
  • Individuals can configure their own notification preferences, and can action events from within their notifications


  • Integrate Elevator for Jira with Jira Service Desk Automation. Create custom rules to automatically escalate high severity incidents, or auto-assign incoming service requests for your helpdesk
  • Incorporate Elevator for Jira into your workflows with Jira workflow actions

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Easily setup your notification channels. The connections are checked as you go to make sure your notifications make it home