Alkaes - Users Security

for Jira Server 9.11.0 - 9.15.2 and more
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Allow you to have Crossed Project/Issue Permissions and Security Scheme

Single and Multi Project Role Picker

Allow the selection of one or many Project Role(s) in an issue in order to identify actors in your process. The list of selectable Project Role depends on regular expression evaluated against Name and/or Description.

Users based on Project Roles

Identify dynamically the users depending on some Project Roles identified in one or many fields (a selected Project Role in Pickers or any other Text field).

Users based on linked User Fields

Identify dynamically the users depending on other User Fields, themselves identified by Issue Key Field, Issue identified Link Type or Issue Type.

More details

Alkaes User Security provides a set of Customfields that allows you to implement powerful Permissions and Security Schemes.

It includes :

  • Projects Roles Pickers (Single and Multi), allowing you to select Project Role(s) that take part in your Issue,
  • Users From Selected Role, allowing to identify users that are members of a selected Project Role (using the previous customfields or any other Text Fields). This field is not editable but provides a dynamic User List. In terms of rendering, you can displays :
    • the Project Role name
    • the User's list
    • the name of the 1st group, member of the Project Role
    • or the Project Role Name and its members.
  • Users By Permission Picker, allowing to select User hagin a specified Permission on the Issue
  • Users From Other Linked Fields, allowing to identify Users depending other User Field from the same Issue or other linked Issues (by field, Issue Type or Issue Link Type).

Alkaes User Security is also distributed as a part of Minyaa Suite. Discover it now !

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