Post Webhooks for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 6.0.0 - 7.17.0, Bitbucket Data Center 6.0.0 - 7.17.0 and more
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Unlimited post web hooks. Trigger after commit, PR created, updated, re-opened and merged

Send notification to any 3rd party system

Trigger notifications, builds, alerts or anything else in a 3rd party system like Jenkins, Azure DevOps. Short video demo on how to trigger Microsoft Azure DevOps pipelines from Bitbucket. FAQs.

Setup fine-grained filters

Allow Bitbucket repository administrator to post events to a 3rd party system like Jenkins only when they are required. Filter by users and events. Global, project and repository level configurations.

Trigger Multibranch Jobs from Bitbucket Server

If you want to configure Jenkins and Bitbucket Server to automatically trigger Multibranch or Bitbucket Team/Project jobs on changes - this App is for you. Microsoft Teams supported. Start FREE today.

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โœ… Bitbucket Post Webhooks makes it possible to send JSON data to any http or https address. The data is sent when a commit is pushed or when one of the following pull request events occur: create, updated, re-opened and merged.

Jenkins 2.0 and Azure DevOps Pipelines Cloud and On-Premises (Show video demo) are supported. Support of parametrised Azure DevOps Pipelines.

See the documentation pagefor more information about what the post data is and the headers.

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Microsoft Teams is supported.

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