CRM Suite: Frontend mentioning

for Confluence Server 5.7.1 - 7.7.4 and more
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Efficiently mention user, dates and CRM contacts in the frontend / page view mode of Confluence

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This add-on has been merged into CRM suite and will not be supported any further.

Confluence is a powerful tool for collaboration in teams. To get the most out of the capabilities, users need to use the functionality that is provided. In some cases, especially when older documents are getting transferred to Confluence pages, the features of Confluence (e.g. tagging of users, tagging of dates and tagging of CRM contacts) are not used. As a result, the potential of Confluence will not be used as it could be. We found out that switching to the page-edit mode in order to make small adjustments on the page is a hurdle. This process needed to be improved to enable anybody to improve the Confluence pages just with two clicks.

The add-on enables you to:

  • mention Confluence users from the page view mode with just two clicks
  • convert dates into Confluence dates from the page view mode with just two clicks
  • mention CRM contacts (Confluence CRM add-on) from the page view mode with just two clicks

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