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for Jira Data Center 9.4.0 - 9.17.1 and more
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Save time and stress by automating Jira. Use triggers, conditions, and actions, and watch your rules do the work for you

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Every rule starts with a trigger. It’s an event that needs to take place, such as issue transitioned or issue created.


Conditions refine your rule and let you narrow its scope. For example, your rule can apply only to bugs or issues with high priority.


An action is what happens after the trigger occurs and conditions are met. They can perform many tasks, such as editing issues, sending notifications, or creating sub-tasks.

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App pricing and availability

Automation for Jira is now part of Jira Software Data Center 9.0 and Jira Service Management Data Center 5.0. If you're on one of these or later versions, you don''t need to download this app, as the functionality is already included in Jira. You can find it in Project settings > Automation.

If you're on any earlier Data Center version, you can download and use this app for free.

If you're a Server customer and have an existing license for Automation for Jira, you can renew your license until Feb 15, 2024. Learn more

Upgrading Automation for Jira

If you used Automation for Jira before, you might need to complete pre-upgrade steps before using this app. Learn more

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Save time and stress by automating Jira. Use the visual rule builder to add tiggers, conditions, and actions, and watch your new automation rules do the work around Jira for you.