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Space Blueprint for Java Projects

Spaces based on Artifacts

Create spaces by passing in GAV IDs or POM files. Information provided by the project sources are made accessible as space properties.

Based on projectdoc

This blueprints add-on is based on projectdoc. You need to install the projectdoc Toolbox to use these blueprints with the projectdoc macros.

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Fork me on Bitbucket

Every team has different demands on their documentation. Therefore this add-on is available as an open source project on Bitbucket. Fork it to create your blueprints!

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More details

The projectdoc Add-on for Java Developers (beta) is based on the Maven Extension of the projectdoc Toolbox.

  • Download artifacts from Nexus repositories and make the POM information, and other metadata available as properties in your space.
  • Automatically integrate with remote resources (e.g. source code or artifact repositories).

If you are using Maven to build your software artifacts you are probably used to access properties defines in your POM (such as artifact ID or version) to use it in your documentation. Now also access this information within your Confluence space!

Please note that this add-on requires the following add-ons to be installed:

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