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Easy integration of information on remote servers

Domain References

Link to resources on remote servers by a domain references.

Domain references integrate Javadoc API elements by name, artifacts by a GAV string, and diagrams by Enterprise Architect ID.

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Server References

Specify paths to resource on remote servers from the project root instead of bothering with a full path.

Change servers or locations easily by space properties, shortcuts and app links.

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Use autoconverters to pasted URLs easily.

Works with all URLs defined by the team as space properties, shortcuts and app links.

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Projects draw resources from a number of remote repositories.

  • Source code
  • Artifacts
  • Configurations
  • Reports
  • API documentation
  • Images
  • ...

This extension to the projectdoc Toolbox integrates resources on remote servers into a space.

Integrate resources by

  • Domain references
  • Server references: URLs relative to a project root
  • Plain references: explicit URLs

Domain references include:

  • Java elements in Javadoc reports: com.example.Type.method(java.lang.String, T)
  • GAV coordinates: de.example:my-project:1.5
  • EAID (GUID) of diagrams created with the Enterprise Architect: 914A5A54_516F_4ce4_BC34_9C4ECF2B8D89

Base URLs are configured at space, site, or global level.

Autoconverters create macros from pasted URLs.

Specify URLs to remote resources from both sides!

  • From the project context, using domain & server references
  • From the context of remote servers, automatically converting URLs to resources

Making a web of information is that easy.

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