Delegated Group Management in Jira

for Jira Server 8.20.0 - 9.15.2, Jira Data Center 8.20.0 - 9.15.2 and more
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Empower your trusted team leads to manage their own user groups in Jira

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Save time by delegating group management

Select the user groups you would like to delegate ownership to in Jira and empower select trusted users or groups to manage them. Stay in control by adding and removing delegation power as your needs change.

Empower your team leaders

Delegate ownership of select user groups to trusted team leads (or even to other groups). Group owners can then safely and easily manage their own groups at will without the assistance of an admin.

Manage your own groups with ease

Not an admin? Not a problem. Just have your Jira admin delegate the group management task of select groups over to you. Then simply search for users, add your teammates, or remove them with a single click.

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  • Save admin time by empowering trusted team leads to manage their own Jira user groups
  • Search for users, add teammates to your group, or remove them with a simple group management interface
  • View a detailed list of Jira groups and their assigned owner(s)
  • Check out Delegated Group Management in Confluence to delegate user group management in Confluence
  • Check out the Data Center version — tested for performance, reliability, and scalability

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