Zabbix Plugin

for Confluence Server 5.8.18 - 8.1.4 and more
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Add Zabbix graphs, items and triggers to your Confluence pages

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Import graphs, items and triggers from Zabbix

Import graphs, items and triggers from Zabbix and place important details of your IT infrastructure in one place

Combine imported data with configuration details

Have your configuration database complemented by "live" data and graphs from Zabbix

Make complex presentations and reports

Build complex reports and data views to meet your analytical and/or business requirements

More details

There are many of us sysadmins out there who use Confluence as a primary source of information about their hardware and software -- the type of information that would likely contain installation instructions, configuration files, performance reports and other valuable bits and pieces of information. This is usually accompanied by network monitoring tools such as Nagios or Zabbix. This plugin is used to add Zabbix charts (or graphs) to Confluence to illustrate configuration details and reports with online visual information. It is also possible to import text information from Zabbix – such as Zabbix items and alerts (or triggers). For more information please visit About Zabbix Plugin page.

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