Distributed Estimation

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Agile estimation tool for teams that are distributed in different timezones

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Easy Game Setup

JQL support makes it really easy to setup a new game, and exporting estimation results back helps to save time for a scrummaster

Made by Scrummasters

Been there, done that. We know that the planning poker can be painful at times, so we've tried our best to implement an estimation game without all that boring stuff

Easy Administration

Each issue shows grouped estimation results for easier analysing by a game administrator. He is able then to export a final estimate back to issue either as comment or set it to a specified field

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From the creators of the best-selling Planning Poker

Remote teams is not something new nowadays. In the age of outsourcing there is a pretty decent chance that one day you come to the office and realise that nobody is there in the middle of the working day or during the estimation meeting.

So what do you do when your team is outsourced and scattered among different time zones, without any opportunity to gather online at the same time?

The most common solution is to ask participants to write their estimates in the comments per issue. While it might work, there are bold disadvantages to such approach:

  • there is no "centralised" place for estimation results
  • issues become "dirty" really fast

Hence the solution: Distributed Estimation Add-On for Jira.

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Distributed Estimation integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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