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Create Bitbucket issues from Sentry and triage using commit data

Link to Bitbucket Issues

Link production errors to Bitbucket Issues with a single click. Give your team the context they need, beyond the enigmatic “ValueError” title.

Track Errors to Bitbucket Commits

Configure Bitbucket Pipelines to notify Sentry of new commits and deploys with Releases tracking. Minify your JavaScript? Source maps not publicly available? No problem. Upload them as part of your pipeline.

Get a Complete Picture of Any Change

Extra release context and the ability to resolve on release help you track which commits go where and when. Get a complete picture of a changeset’s lifecycle via rich deploy emails and suggested assignees for new errors.

More details

Sentry provides open-source error tracking to monitor and respond to bugs and crashes anywhere in your stack in real time. Sentry aggregates and adds important context to stack traces and tells you the users, services, and servers that were affected.

Installing this integration will allow you to pull Sentry data into your Bitbucket issue tracker, as well as publish release information and artifacts using Bitbucket Pipelines.

For the first time, every developer can get instant visibility into how their production code affects real users and automatically triage and resolve issues as part of their existing workflow.

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Release Information via Bitbucket Pipelines