WTF - Workflow Tools and Functions

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 8.9.1 and more
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Be a workflow hero with our new Conditions, Validators and Post-functions to create custom workflows in Jira

Workflow Conditions

Keep the number of workflows small and easier to maintain by making exceptions for specific issue types, e.g. if you want to add or remove an additional approval step. Also discover other Conditions in our collection.

Workflow Validators

Be a hero & let your custom workflow validate that the version of an issue field is (not) in a specified state (Released, Unreleased, Archived). A predefined message is displayed, if the validation fails.

Workflow Post-Functions

Automatically create comments after a specific check is true or false and use placeholders for dynamic text output, e.g.: "This issue has been postponed until {Reopen Date}. Please contact the {Reporter}."

More details

Do you want to become a workflow hero and implement custom workflows in Jira?

The "WTF - Workflow Tools & Functions" plugin gives you all the superpowers that you need. Our nice collection of workflow conditions, validators and post-functions will be continuously extended and will be getting more powerful just like you.


  • Issue Type Condition
  • Status Condition
  • Version State Condition


  • Version State Validator


  • Add Text To Transition-Comment Post Function
  • Copy Field From Parent Or Epic Post Function
  • Copy Field From Previous Subtask Post Function

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