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for Jira Server 7.2.0 - 8.15.1 and more
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Add Some Personality to your Jira

High Quality Icons to Choose From

We know it is important to have a large set of quality icons so we have included a great looking, high resolution set from Emoji One.

Style your Custom Fields for Better Readability

Images have been shown to help humans quickly process information. By adding icons to your customfields, you make it easier for your users to quickly scan large lists of issues.

And... they look cool.

Better Configuration/Editing and More Options

We have improved on the builtin fields by adding quick and easy configuration and better editing support. We use modern controls that allow for type-ahead and easy selection.

More details

Users of modern web applications expect a certain amount of style from the sites that they use. With Icons for Jira, we help the admin style their instance to help their users have a better experience.

We have made these new custom fields as flexible as possible to make sure they can used in a wide array of use cases. E.g. You can replace the builtin Priority field and this will enable you to have different Priorities per Project.

Other features:

  • 2 new field types
  • 162 unlimited resolution (svg) icons from Emoji One.
  • 2 new icon styled custom fields - Single Select, Multi Select
  • Better configuration
    • Drag and drop re-ordering
    • Ajax label editing
    • Ajax disabling/enabling of options
  • Better Editing
    • Modern controls
    • Type ahead completion

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Each field can have multiple contexts. This allows for a different set of options and icons to be displayed for each project. By replacing the builtin Priority field, you can essentially have Priorities per Project.