Better Code Macro for Confluence

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Take your code blocks to the next level

Create better pastes

Create better pastes with less effort. Pastes that look better and have more features.

Automatically embed Bitbucket Snippets

Automatically detects and embeds Bitbucket Snippets into your Confluence pages.

Automatically embed GitHub Gists

Automatically detects and embeds GitHub Gists into your Confluence pages.

More details

The Better Code macro for Confluence Cloud is an improvement of the default confluence 'Code Block' macro that:

  • Has full feature compatability with the old Code Block macro (except for line number support)
  • Automatically detects the language / markup that you paste in.
  • Supports many more languages.
  • Supports many many more themes.
  • Contains copy-to-clipboard support.
  • Handles Bitbucket Snippets
  • Handles GitHub Gists

And is completely free forevermore. Install it on your instance today!

Privacy and security

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Integration Details

Better Code Macro for Confluence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View, browse, read information from Confluence.
  • View page content.
  • Create and update pages.