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Thready has been superseded by the Troubleshooting plugin's "Thread diagnostics" feature

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No need to configure anything - just install

Jira thread names

Once installed in Jira, the thread names change accordingly to contain URL which they serve

Confluence thread names

Changed Confluence thread names

More details

This plugin functionality is now included in the Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tool. To enable the feature, follow this guide


  • Rename Apache Tomcat thread to add URL and Username (if available)
    • Example: "main url:/uri username:user1"
  • Don't add a suffix for Resources: ".css", ".js", ".png", ".jpg", ".ico", ".woff". ".gif", ".svg"
  • Abbreviate the long URL/Username
  • Configure the Abbreviation part, set System Property "atlassian.labs.thready.max.message.limit" (Default is 40 and -1 is unlimited)
    • "-Datlassian.labs.thready.max.message.limit=-1"
  • Keep only 2 URL in the name: First and Last
    • "main url:/resource1 url:/resource2"
    • "main url:/resource1 ... url:/resource3"
  • Clean broken ThreadNames is case thread failed before Thready cleaned the name

Thready is designed to allow you to debug your own Atlassian instances. It helps you find the needle in the haystack quicker than ever. It doesn't collect or store any user/private data.

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