HP ALM - Bumblebee for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 5.10.0 - 7.2.10 and more
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Bumblebee for Bamboo enables developers, testers, and release engineers to easily integrate HP ALM into their CI environment

#1 Modern HP ALM Integration Platform

Find out why 200+ companies are using our platform to integrate various testing and development frameworks with HP ALM. Our easy yet powerful capabilities allow for both simple and complex HP ALM workflows.

Best-in-class HP ALM customization workflows

Bumblebee has been designed as a platform to integrate with any technology, application, or frameworks. The Bumblebee platform allows users to easily map Custom User Fields in HP ALM via a simple configuration page.

Dynamic TestPlan, TestLab, and TestRun Creation

Bumblebee addon for Bamboo will automatically process the results from any framework and send them to HP ALM. Our powerful engine will create TestPlan, TestCases, Design Step, TestLabs, TestSet, and TestRun at run time.

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# Find out why 200+ customers trust Agiletestware with HP ALM integration use cases.

Bumblebee is a Bamboo add-on that enables developers, testers, and release engineers to automatically publish testing results from a variety of development and test frameworks into HP ALM.

  • Only HP ALM plugin that works on all Bamboo agent platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX) against all versions of HP ALM (10.x, 11.x, 12.x)
  • Only HP ALM plugin that provides support for HP ALM's custom user fields.
  • Only HP ALM plugin with an open REST API for customized HP ALM workflows
  • Automatically uploads Selenium test framework results into HP ALM
  • Automatically uploads Appium test framework results into HP ALM
  • Automatically uploads Robotium test framework results into HP ALM
  • Compatible with a variety of test frameworks - junit, nunit, cucumber, pytest, cppunit, ruby, any x-unit, fitnesse, and even custom test reports.
  • Triggers tests in HP ALM
  • Runs local HP UFT tests
  • Runs HP Performance Center tests

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