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for Bitbucket Server 8.0.0 - 8.10.1 and more
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My Branches determines your branch contributions, lists them, and lets you delete outdated branches easily

Additional icon with your branch count

When you log in My Branches finds all branches where you are one of the most recent commiters.

Review, mark, delete

The large commit nodes are your commits. The small ones are commits from your colleagues.

Hover over commit nodes to see details.

Mark all branches you don’t need any more and delete them with one click.

Filter unnecessary branches

Calculating the branches can take time. Use regular expressions to exclude projects, repositories and branches from the searchable branches.

More details

Data Center customers please read my Data Center Compatibility Statement.

After working using one branch per feature for a while any Git-repository typically becomes a mess of outdated and unfinished branches. To deal with this issue you need to clean up old and unused branches. My Branches determines your branch contributions, lists them, and lets you delete outdated branches easily.

At login the plugin scans all repositories for which you have at least read permission, determines the branches where your commits are among the most recent ones and displays the commit count in the branch icon (using git log --first-parent). Click on the icon to see a dialog containing a table showing your branch contributions.

For all branches you have delete permission, a delete checkbox is shown.

My Branches respects all project-, repo- and branch-permissions. If you have the ability to see or to remove a branch, then in My Branches you can do so as well.

My Branches doesn’t run on Windows.

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