for Confluence Server 5.6 - 7.13.20 and more
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Manage and communicate technology adoption for your organization through your own TechRadar

Visualize your thoughts

Following the ideas of Neil Ford or likewise the well accepted Thoughtworks Technology Radar this plugin gives you the means of a radar to visualize, categorize and reflect on technologies, trends and hypes.

Track technologies over time

It's important that a user is easily able to determine whether a topic is growing or is it shrinking in terms of relevance. The radar gives you the possibility to track a spots way through (its history at) the radar.

Flexible radar management

Manage as much radar-instances as you like - customize their representation in terms of topic (they don't have to be technology related), size or color.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

Atlassian's privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by this app's partner.

Partner privacy policy



You can explicitly control who is able to manage and change radar instances and who can just see 'em. Don't worry - admins always have write-access.