Alkaes - Minyaa Workflows

for Jira Server 9.11.0 - 9.14.0 and more
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Extends Jira with a new Workflow Editor (Text mode) and powerful Workflows functions

Auto Transition Management

Minyaa Workflows provides different implementation to allow you to build Auto-Transitions managed by diffirent Initiator (OSWorkflow Engine, Service, Post-Function).(See Concepts)

Workflow Editor enhanced

Different enhancement in the View Workflow screen to allow you to access directly the Create Transition, to see easely the different Transition Type (Global, Common, Auto-Transition, Recursive, ...).

Workflow Functions

Allow you to implement in your Workflow some useful Function (Conditions, Validators or Post-Functions) like Fields Inheritance or Propagation, Move Issue, Project Condition, Activity Condition and many others

More details

Alkaes Minyaa Workflows is a new plugin, replacing the plugins of Minyaa Workflows Edition.

It is now a full V2 plugin.

If you are user of Minyaa Plugins, it will have to migrate at least to Jira 6.4.x in order to complete the migration from Minyaa Workflows Edition to Alkaes Minyaa Workflows.

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