Blue Ant plugin for work-time

for Jira Server 8.20.0 - 9.4.21 and more
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Plugin to create/update Blue Ant activities or ToDos from Jira, work-time recording, % complete and remaining hours in Blue Ant

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Create & assign issue to Blue Ant project/activity

Create new issue & create a new activity for Blue Ant.

Create issue create as activity in Blue Ant

New issue is created as an activity in Blue Ant. Summary, original estimate, remaining estimate, due date, assignee, priority and the description of the issue are transferred to Blue Ant.

Create issue & assign for Blue Ant time recording

When you assign the issue to an existing Blue Ant activity, stories, tasks, bugs, and subtasks automatically inherit this assignment for the Blue Ant time recording.

More details

The plugin allows creation of Jira issues as activities in Blue Ant. Summary, estimate, remaining estimate, due date, assignee, priority and issue description are transferred to Blue Ant. Individual Blue Ant fields for activities can be recorded in Jira and transferred to Blue Ant.

Issues in Jira can be created, transferred to Blue Ant, planned and transferred back to Jira. Existing Jira issues can be linked to Blue Ant activities.

Recorded worktime, % complete & remaining work estimates are transferred to Blue Ant and are available for further project management/controlling.

This Jira Server plugin will be supported until 31.12.2023.

Looking for an integration between Blue Ant und Jira Cloud | Data Center? "Jira Connect" is available from October 2022! Please contact proventis support or sales!

Note: Simultaneous use of Jira Connect and the this Jira server plugin "Blue Ant plugin for work-time" should not take place and can lead to data inconsistencies.

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Depending on the Blue Ant settings, users can record work-time only on assigned projects and activities. Individual Blue Ant fields for work-time recording can be edited directly in Jira – via an extra tab.