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Quality assurance as a business process

Remove bottlenecks

Current development processes are opaque. There are bottlenecks. Senior developers spend days reviewing code, and stakeholders weigh in at the end of the process. If anything’s wrong, it’s back to square one.

Give the gift of transparency

Probo CI goes beyond current continuous integration tools, spinning up a live instance of the site with changes incorporated. Send the link; get instant feedback. Transparency at every stage of the development process.

Probo CI benefits the whole team

Test & get approvals before code is merged into a development branch. Dramatically lower the amount of time it takes to test and deploy code. Choose the tier that fits your business: OSS, SaaS or Enterprise.

More details

"I had an example site up and running in a few minutes and each build is extremely fast. This quick feedback makes working with Probo CI a ton of fun and very useful." – Ben Jeavons,

"Using Probo CI on DKAN has been a huge win for us. Love not having to maintain our own servers for QA sites." – Aaron Couch, NuCivic

"I literally used to do what Probo CI does (get a fresh database, check out a branch on an environment and run updates) on a local VM all day in order to code review and QA my team’s work. Now QA specialists do QA, I do code review in GitHub, and my VM misses me. The time savings is enormous and I’m no longer bottlenecking projects at code review." – Jody Hamilton, Zivtech

Demonstrate. Test. Approve. Probo CI.

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