Groups Manager for Jira

by tilda
for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.21.1 and more
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This app is being re-developed and will be available on Data Center in 2024

Purpose of Group Manager

If you want to delete or modify a group in Jira, but want to know where the group is used beyond what the current Group UI shows you.

Workarounds & Group Sub-routines

The short term workaround to address this problem is to use SQL queries to get the key information

Group Manager provides a number of workarounds and JQL type queries that address the following:-

Change Group Name

Project Roles

Global Permissions

Shared Dashboards

Shared Filters

Custom Fields


Filter Subscriptions

Board Administrators

Application Access

Saved Filters content

Notification Schemes

Permission Schemes

Comment visibility

Issue security level

Work log visibility

Automation Rules for Jira

Privacy and security

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